2.9. Processing limits

2.9.1. Processing limits

New Hard & soft limits and cumulative processing limits can be found at Tools-Processing limits. This screen contains all previously configured limits.

pic1 processinglimits

Main features:

  • Visualization
  • Flexible settings
  • Multicurrency
  • Alerting by e-mail
  • Warning limits (several thresholds)
  • Stop limit
  • Forecast for daily and monthly limits in the context of one period
  • Trend for daily limits in the context of several days

2.9.2. Setting up a new limit

Set up a new limit by pressing “+Limit”:


New limit can be set up with several parameters:

pic1 processinglimits
  • Manager
  • Transaction type
  • User defined. Can be Total, 3-D Secure, Not 3-D Secure or Payout.
  • Additional criteria:
  • Endpoint. After selecting End point it’s not possible to select Merchant.
  • Merchant. After selecting Merchant it’s not possible to select End point.
  • Gate. After selecting Gate it’s not possible to select Processor.
  • Processor. After selecting Processor it’s not possible to select Gate.
  • Card type
  • Time period:
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly. Date-dependent parameter. Monthly – limits refresh on the first day of every month, Weekly - limits refresh every Monday. Daily - every 00:00.
  • Time shift. Not supported at the moment, will be added later.
  • Calculation:
  • Value to summarize. Can be set by Transaction amount or Transaction count.
  • Currency to sum up. The currency for limit calculation must be specified.
  • Consider currencies (optional field) - transactions in which currencies will be included in limit calculation.
  • Suspend traffic. Just Yes or No. What to do with transactions when limit reached: stop traffic or not.
  • Limit value. Enter total Transaction amount or Transaction count for this limit.

Also, it’s possible to set different alerts for limits by pressing Add alert:

  • Warnings when limit reaches for example 50%, 75%, 90% or 100% with notification by e-mail to address specified in user account;
  • notification by e-mail when traffic is Suspended.